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You Shouldn't Have To Fit Around The System... The System Should Fit Around You

We are constantly trying to fit into a system that should fit around us.

People often don’t realise they are operating in an automatic zombie mode that’s been conditioned into them. These people don’t realise they are living out of fear because they are living in constant survival mode so that they can feel stable in this world with its man made systems they’ve been born into.

We are often led to believe that life is all to do with the survival of the fittest, which is very closed off, limited thinking that does not benefit us as a species. Clearly not all people think this way so it is not biological. It is a program put into the mind to make you only think for yourself and your little bubble. We are all connected as whatever we do collectively is what shapes the world.

We compromise ourselves in order to survive the system. We give up our time, freedom, happiness, health and our true heart felt desires. And then we wonder why there’s so much difficulty and suffering in this world or why we’re just not happy and satisfied. Life shouldn’t have to be this difficult and one great resistance. Joy is our birthright. We have feelings so we can decipher what it is we want and don’t want but instead we think there’s something wrong with us or even too afraid to ‘go there’ with our feelings as waking up to them may be too painful. Especially if these feelings show that they can no longer pretend to be someone they are not in order to fit in with the system. So fear and suppression of the feelings keeps them bound in a state of trauma without them even being aware.

We get locked into a life of slavery without realising because we have been so cleverly manipulated that that’s the only way life can be and that we are somehow contributing to society, the planet and ourselves. When in reality we are leading ourselves into our own destruction.

We are creators and have the power to shape the world in the way we want that will be for the benefit of all. If we can see we created this world as it currently is now then we know we can use this same creation ability to create a new world.

Dream then create. Dreaming is a powerful tool but we’re told our head is just in the clouds and that things cannot be changed. But dreaming is a natural mechanism that’s hardwired into our biology. I’m talking about dreaming that’s without ego and free of the negative conditionings of the past because this current world we dreamed into existence is built on those very negative frequencies. And this world only serves a few and not the many. True dreaming from the pureness of yourself helps you to feel and get into what your heart truly desires. It is one of your most powerful functions. Your ability to dream is your superpower.


Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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