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We Are Living In A Dream We Need To Wake Up From

We arrive on this Earth

Thinking we are awake

But actually we are here

To wake up from a dream

We move through life

In trancelike states

Each living our own realities

Our own worlds

It is like a collision of micro worlds

In a macro world

We are tangled in many veils

Seeing ourselves as separate

From everyone and everything

Sometimes turning on one another

Pointing the finger

And seeing our identities, beliefs and thoughts

To be fully true

It’s all an illusion

Although a very real illusion

One you can even sometimes see, feel and touch

Yet it is malleable

It can easily turn to dust

And slip through your fingers

We get taken over by programs

That feel extremely real to us

That we perceive to be the truth

That feeds our parasite

They are not of this world

In this world

There are many interferences

And infiltrations

That are beyond what we can see on the 3D

Influences of technology

Things plugging you into the AI

Suggestions to our subconscious

And images we can get given

Throughout our entire lives

We can get taken so easily

One minute living one reality

And the next living another

As it finds our vulnerabilities

Our weak spots

It can find where it can latch on

Where you are willing to give your power away

And if you don’t have your wits about you

Not truly plugged into your own source

You can get ‘taken’

What blocks you from crossing that barrier

Between the illusion and truth

That is fear

That something has to die

In order for you to come forwards

They use that fear

To keep you under control

Use your inner eye

Use both your intuition

And your logic

It’s possible they can work together

Pierce through the illusion

See the programs for what they are

Find too what softens that cage

That you find yourself in

So you can breathe freely

And the barriers that separate us

Start melting away

As the cloud lifts

You wake up from your trance

And realise what a dream

You have been living through

What patterns that led you there

What stories you were attached to

And how everyone else

Has their own dream going on

Forgetting who they are

And who each other are

Penetrate the cloud

The fog that enshrouds your field

That causes mirages in your perception

Break it up

Let it diffuse

Collapse the dream

To get your dream

That’s longed for at a deep soul level

Under the many layers of realities

See the world

And each other

And ourselves

Down to the core

With fresh clear eyes


Illustration created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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