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The Concentrated Point Of Consciousness

There is a presence in this universe

Somewhere that holds the key

The major mystery

Maybe a mystery we may never understand

Or know

Yet it is there


It is something that may never have even been conceived of

Not even by religion, spirituality, science or any other pathways

There are several names for what it could be

But none touches even close to what this actually is

The concentrated point of consciousness

Even that is just a label

The point that is suspended in time and space

With no beginning

Or no end

In the infinity there is blackness

A nothingness

A mystery

Yet still existing in a certain point between it all

Amongst the patterns and enshrouding there is a pure essence

Of deep love

A deep wish

A profound knowing

There all information may be stored

Secrets so large for a human mind to grasp

Whether this gets accessed remains a question


Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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