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Sometimes I Like To Get Out Of The Car And Look At The Stars

Getting out of my car

I stop and admire the stars

Dotted around

Glistening like jewels

Suspended in the inky blackness

Disappearing into forever

The dark engulfing me

A nice kind of dark that feels so full of love

I feel like I’m home

There is a deep recognition inside of me

There is a sense of infinity

A deep knowingness

My place in this universe

The stars twinkling

Beckoning me

It fills me with wonder

And questions

Where do I come from?

Why do you feel so far?

Yet I feel closer to something?

That’s also inside?

Locating myself

In time and space

The stories around myself collapse

The qualms of the mind silence

It’s just me and the universe



In this blackness

And infinity

There is a safety

A feeling of being held

I belong here

This is my forever home

Here in nature

The trees in shadow

Only seen as silhouettes

Against the night sky

They whisper

They are on their own journey at this time

The energy of nature

Feels different at night

There’s an aliveness to it

That fills me with excitement

Maybe they too

Are having a dance with the universe

I look back at the stars

Wondering about each one’s story

How they came to be

What they may tell us

What wisdom they may hold

The night sky so full

Of dreams and possibilities

Everything’s so still

And silent around me

It is quiet

At night

I feel I begin here

But looking up

There is no end

Yet there are things up there I may touch

Secrets to be revealed

Waiting silently

For our own awakening

And also for when it is time

To leave this earth

For our next transition

In our existence

Our next phase in our soul journey

So beautiful

The stars smile down at me…

Until we meet again


Photograph by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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