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Pointing You Back Inside

Often the best people help point you back inside

Back to yourself

Where your innate wisdom lies

Your own inner instructions

Where the answers are

Only looking outside for another to tell you what to do

Neglecting what your own source might be telling you

Will likely lead you astray

Or you are prone to following another’s path

That is not your own

This can come in many forms

Politicians, celebrities, patriarchal figures, religious figures, spiritual gurus and the like

Even scientists or people who follow very physical pathways

Thinking only the physical holds the answers

And not the emotional and spiritual

Or that indeed something divinely larger might be at play

People can provide guidance

As we can get very stuck sometimes

Unable to make decisions

Or connect in with what our own source might be telling us

They are guidance though

Which sometimes can be very helpful

If it is coming from the right place

The best guidance brings you back to yourself

Triggering you to find your truth

Or to see the truth

To see the reality for what it truly is

There is a resonance of something so deep

This kind of guidance

When shared

Is special

As it will truly build an army of sovereign warriors

Often people may tell us what to do

Even when we don’t ask for it

When you are connected in with your own truth

You won’t get swayed by them

And their projections

Which often come from what other people have told them to believe

Or their own negative patterns

Also from their own lack of being able to find their own answers

That are truly aligned with themselves, others and natures principles

If you end up listening to them

Doubting your own instructions

There may be repercussions

To your field

You are aligned with nature and the cosmos

Your instructions that are within are just as part of the outer

It is a reciprocal relationship

A communion

To see ourselves as separate

To not honour how we even came into being

How the universe carries us

Is foolish

Making decisions or choices isn’t always so black and white

Sometimes we just simply don’t know

We just have to do what we can in that moment

And course correct best we can if it wasn’t the best decision

And learn from it

But there are moments you just know

The decision is made

It is your own decision and not anyone else’s

No infiltrations

From outer sources

That is your innate intelligence speaking

Ultimately you are in control of your own reality

And no one else can do it for you

But help guide you back to you

Because when we finally listen to our own inner wisdom

Your own life force is unstoppable

Your light shining brightly

You become the most powerful sovereign being


Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

Available in store:

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