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Emergence From The Earth Process

Don’t think I’ve ever got such a strong process with any painting as I did with this one. Started pretty much as soon as I started painting the background so the painting had barely developed and so much self criticism and self hate was coming up! It carried on as I got further into the painting as for some reason I did not feel ‘in control’ of this painting and it was bringing up my blocks. My negative mind was super strong. I realised that my relationship with this painting is actually a relationship with myself. It was interesting yet painful to see. The painting didn’t turn out how I wanted at all and became way more abstract and colourful than expected... funny how bright and playful it seems yet internally I was having my difficult blocks revealed and felt like I was going through torture! This is like having not just a practise in painting but also a practise with self love... which I’ve been learning every time I look at it. My tree is love at the end of the day... just am I willing to overcome my internal obstacles to see that?


Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

Available in store:

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