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Dreaming From Purity

I feel like every action I take is from a dream. A future my heart deeply desires so I already start the embodying process. Everyone is acting from a dream in every moment. As dreaming leads to reality. So if you want to choose a fear based world of suppression and control then that dream is what will become reality. But this is not coming from a place of pure love or from our source connection.

Dreaming from the purity of the self is without agenda. Because it just is. It’s just you. Nothing is added. When people start embodying that more then there won’t be a need for those agendas which only came about from the division and fracturing of the world and the human psyche. Agendas suggest we have different agendas. Or that there’s something that needs ‘solving’. With purity there is only harmony.


Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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