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Divine Tribal Origins

There is an another reality that can be experienced

One that has been experienced before

And can come back again but with the new energies that are now present

As we upgrade

Deep inside the Earth it hums

It’s reverberating tunes of deep knowledge

Calling you back

The frequencies are here present

Waiting for you to drink them in

To heal and rejuvenate you

To remind you that you are a child of this earth

Free of the AI influences

You are an organic organism

Full with the intelligence of life

With complex systems that work together

That will work harmoniously

When you get your own

And the earths frequencies straightened out

You feel your multidimensionalness

You dance with the song of the earth

Letting the beats move your body

The crickets chirping all around you

Hiding deep in the jungle teeming with life

The soft sand at your feet

The ocean lapping and dancing around your legs

The pitch blackness of the sky stretching forever above you

The stars dotted around twinkling

The moon luminous feeling ever so celestial

You look up at the stars

You feel you are home

There is a strong familiarity

That can go on for eons

You know you are more than just the life on this earth

You feel yourself as a cosmic interdimensional being

One with nature and one with the cosmos

You know your sacred place in this universe

The universe holds you in its embrace

Saying welcome home

You sink deeper into your body and beyond

Every cell alive

The electricity running through your body

So much connectedness

This reality is waiting to be revived again

Vision of painting inspired by nature sounds of this track:


Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

Available in store:

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