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Welcome to my art portfolio and store. I am an intuitive energy artist specialising in painting, photography, illustration and digital art. I connect in with natures principles and express spiritual energy through my art. Here I sell my original paintings and art prints you can hang up in your home.

If you have any enquiries you can contact me using the button below.

Hope you enjoy my artworks!

Artist, Painter & Illustrator

Art Gallery

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Original pieces, digital art prints and painting reproductions available in my shop!


Learn more about my background, how I work and my inspirations here:

Meet the Artist


"What I am fascinated by when looking at your art is the combination of simplicity, beauty and harmony even though there is so much complexity to the life/the nature that you bring into form in your art. You are an amazing artist. Lots of love."

- Carina

"Creativity is a force that brings forth a new reality into existence. So use it wisely."

Discover more of my thoughts and ideas through my writings on my blog page:

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