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Sharing my thoughts and perspectives in life and what inspires me. Writing, for me, is another creative outlet I enjoy exploring and is a great way of self-expression. Sometimes an idea will come to me and then words and sentences will start trickling through randomly and I have to write them down before I forget! Also I find writing to be a way of meditating and going within. I find myself deeply inspired by natures principles and universal truths. Throughout my life I have felt a building passion that we must all come back home to ourselves, clear our energetic blocks, realign our energy fields and get in touch with the higher frequencies of ourselves. I am hugely inspired by people like Oracle Girl (Dr Jacqueline Hobbs) and Ratu Bagus who has brought huge positive transformations into my life. I feel we as human beings are much more powerful than we realise. When it comes back down to it, it is very simple as it is a matter of taking our power back through making choices that are in alignment with ourselves, humanity, nature and the Earth. It's our heads that get into the way and being told the negative things we should believe about ourselves and the planet which are not true. Through my writings I connect in with the power we hold within ourselves, our limitlessness and go beyond the physical and the mental to tap into what it is we have forgotten. I share from my own personal experiences too. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and insights!

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