The main influence on my art is a passion for living my truth while living in harmony with nature.

I would describe myself as someone who can communicate energy through art... namely beneficial energies that hold light for this planet. My artworks come from my source connection. They are an expression of something that we have forgotten whilst also connecting in with the new energies that are now available.

My art, whether photography, illustration or painting, is a way of bringing me back to myself.

I’m based in the spiritual heart of Somerset where my rural surroundings are a daily inspiration, often blending with the influence of ancient cultures I’ve encountered around the world.

Originally from Yorkshire, I studied Graphic Design at Leeds Art College and have a degree in Visual Communication from Leeds Art University. Beyond art, I have qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling.


I also enjoy:

  • Writing

  • Dancing

  • Healthy nutrition

  • Gazing at a starry sky

  • Walking

  • Meditation